Setting Up A Shiny Server with Laura Stone

Apologies for the late post! April just mudslid into May before I knew it. Here is the link to Laura’s gist detailing how to set up your own Shiny server on AWS. If you’d like to follow along with the workshop, please create an AWS account ahead of time. Creating an account is free (, and includes a free trial of the features Laura demoed. A lot of the content was buttressed with verbal explanations, with the gist itself being very technically detailed - so you may want to set aside time to google what certain commands mean, or to sit down with a friend or coworker who is more familiar with AWS. [Read More]

No slides, no problem: Knitr reports

So part of the joke is that I literally don’t have slides for my knitr talk, partially because I’m lazy, but mostly because Software Carpentry has emboldened me to present code with livecoding instead of slides. If you are following along later/from afar, you’re probably going to want to install RStudio (it’s free!) to run through this stuff. I believe it’s possible without it, but will be much less pleasant/productive. [Read More]

Scheming ahead of OktobRfest

With generous help from others, I have identified three datasets which may appear at R-Ladies Boston’s OktobRfest (format TBD).

Please send other suggestions (@RLadiesBoston), and feel free to pass these along! I’m also taking suggestions for bars in Boston with projectors to show Shiny Dashboards on ;)