Tidy Tuesday

Tidy Tuesday

Hello RiveRside community ;-)

Come join us for another afternoon of networking and sharing (and pizza!), on Tuesday, February 25th at 5 pm, at Rivera Library 140. This week we will be exploring a recent Tidy Tuesday dataset. Tidy Tuesday is a weekly social data project in R organized by the R4DS Online Learning Community. Come try your hand at wrangling and making a beautiful figure from this dataset to share with us during the meeting, and/or bring your questions. Whether you are new to R or a data scientist, there will be an opportunity for everyone to learn something new. Our lightning talks this week will be presented by UCR’s Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) and they will talk about two exciting OTP programs!

From the Tidy Tuesday website: “Every week we post a raw dataset, a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask you to explore the data. While the dataset will be ‘tamed’, it will not always be tidy! As such you might need to apply various R for Data Science techniques to wrangle the data into a true tidy format. The goal of TidyTuesday is to apply your R skills, get feedback, explore other’s work, and connect with the greater #RStats community! As such we encourage everyone of all skills to participate!”

Since a wide range of skill levels are represented by our group :) we’ve decided to work with the NFL Stadium Attendance from early February as there’s more community posted code for inspiration on twitter (check out #tidytuesday).

Big thanks to UCR Library, UCR GradQuant, andUCR’s Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) supporting us and this event, and special thanks to our sponsor, The Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at UCR, for providing the pizza!

See you there!!

Teresa, Marilia & Daniela

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