The wonders of R Markdown

The wonders of R Markdown

Hello RiveRside community ;-)

Come join us for another afternoon of networking and sharing (and pizza!), on Thursday, January 23rd at 4:30pm, at Rivera Library 140. Whether you are new to R or a data scientist, come talk about the wonders of using R Markdown.

As per usual, we will start by learning from two of our fellow R enthusiasts and their 5-min lightning talks. Email us if you are interested in being one of them ( We will then work through a hands-on tutorial on the basics of R Markdown so you can start writing papers and making presentations in R, among (a lot of!) other things. Once again, please bring your laptop with R and RStudio already installed.

Big thanks to UCR Library and UCR GradQuant for supporting us!

See you soon,

Teresa, Marilia & Daniela

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