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On this page you can see some of the mentions or interviews with R-Ladies in the press. These are both press coverage of R-Ladies activities themselves, or articles where R-Ladies have been mentioned.

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28 February 2023Happy 23rd Birthday R!  
9 February 2023R-Ladies Vitória: Use of R for Public Policy Decisions on Maternal and Child Health in Brazil  
12 December 2022Learning the Fundamentals of R, Workshop with R-Ladies Gaborone and Botswana R User Group  
23 August 2022R-Ladies Taipei Hopes to Host Hybrid Events in the Future  
26 July 2022R Ladies Philly is Making a Difference with its Annual Datathon Focused on Local Issues  
14 July 2022R Ladies Santa Rosa Leading with Other R Communities in Latin America to Create More Accessibility  
7 July 2022R Ladies Cuernavaca Partners with Biotechnology Institute to Quickly Expand Reach in 2022  
5 July 2022Virtual Events Opened New Horizons for R-Ladies Dallas  
6 June 2022R-Ladies Cotonou Talks About Running an R users Group in Benin, West Africa  
22 January 2022R-Ladies Galapagos Chapter on Collaborations, Challenges, and Opportunities During the Pandemic  
22 December 2021R-Ladies Lagos on Data Visualization and Hybrid Events  
9 November 2021Chile’s R Ladies Group is Open and Inclusive  
20 July 2021Latin R talks about the Trials of Starting a Conference in Latin America  
20 July 2021R Ladies Montevideo, Uruguay, Explains How to Create a High Quality Conference in the Southern Hemisphere  
24 June 2021Working with Databases in R – Video Presentation from NairobiR and R-Ladies Nairobi  
27 May 2021R-Ladies Philly – Building our Online Community During the Pandemic  
14 May 2021Checking in with R-Ladies Taipei  
7 July 2020Latin American Communities and Organizations: useR!2020  
14 October 2019Hoy tenemos más tiempo para entender cómo se están utilizando los modelos de Machine Learning y poder interpretarlos  
26 August 2019The R-Ladies Revolution   [pdf]
24 July 2019How R-Ladies made data science inclusive   [pdf]
17 April 2019R community blasts DataCamp response to exec's 'inappropriate behavior'   [pdf]
9 April 2019Mujeres que forman redes para lograr un sitio en la ciencia  
3 April 2019A Multimillion-Dollar Startup Hid A Sexual Harassment Incident By Its CEO — Then A Community of Outsiders Dragged It Into the Light   [pdf]
3 April 2019Día de la empleada doméstica. Los números del sector más desprotegido  
3 April 2019Hay que perder ese miedo irracional a las matemáticas  
31 October 2018Las startups españolas necesitan mujeres programadoras: estas iniciativas quieren encontrarlas  
22 October 2018Why the future isn’t female in computing   [pdf]
7 September 2018Programación - La calculadora mágica de los científicos de datos cumple 25 años  
22 August 2018La calculadora mágica de los científicos de datos cumple 25 años  
11 August 2018R Generation: 25 Years of R   [pdf]
23 July 2018Las mujeres forman redes para lograr un sitio en la ciencia  
20 June 2018Mujeres programadoras contra los estereotipos: adivina quién va ganando  
28 May 2018Reciclé mi vida profesional por completo haciendo cursos gratuitos de Coursera sobre data science  
5 May 2018R-Ladie, la organización que llegó a Mendoza para acercar la tecnología a las mujeres  
3 April 2018Las ingenieras que luchan para que la inteligencia artificial tenga 'madres'  
3 January 2018The R community is doing really well in gender diversity  
27 December 2017Teaching Students To Ask Questions, Take Risks  
20 November 2017Chica tech - De la economía a la programación, en un abrir y cerrar de ojos  
14 October 2017Mujeres en la ciencia y la tecnología  
12 October 2017Women in tech aim to grow next generation's interest beyond family ties  
6 September 2017Ellas programan en uno de los lenguajes más duros del mercado  
11 August 2017Diferentes na biologia sim. Inferiores não, dizem mulheres na tecnologia  
26 June 2017El aporte silencioso a la agroinformática  
29 May 2017La llamada del dato  
29 May 2017Más mujeres en las competiciones de datos