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In 2023 we announced openings for roles on the R-Ladies Global Team that support organizational efforts and facilitate the growth of the R-Ladies community. We are delighted to welcome 15 new members to the R-Ladies Global Team. R-Ladies is 100% volunteer-driven, and we are very grateful to those who support us with their time and effort to champion our mission.

New members

Glenda MendietaTranslation
Nicola RennieCampaigns
Sara AcevedoCode of Conduct
Hebah BukhariCommunity Slack
Priyanka GagnejaCommunity Slack
Renata HirotaBlog
Virginia A. García AlonsoMentoring
Nic CraneMeetup Pro
Alyssa ColumbusChapter Onboarding
Luana AtunesAbstract Review
Sayantika BanikAbstract Review
Cosima MeyerWebsite
Andrea Gómez VargasWebsite
Leena El SeedConference Liaison
Daniela VázquezSocial Media

Onboarding needs

Between 2020-2023, membership in the R-Ladies global organization increased while the availability of volunteers remained limited. At the conclusion of this time period several global team members retired. We are indebted for their efforts that helped the organization thrive and grateful for their time spent on the global team.

As the shift in volunteers occurred, new teams and team structures were identified to distribute the workload as well as to provide coverage of roles for times when volunteers are unavailable. The new members of the global team are vital to help support and grow our community.

Onboarding process

With these amazing new members, we have also been able to develop a new onboarding system for the global team. By using GitHub actions and issues, we hope that the onboarding process will be more streamlined in the future. While the current new members did experience this system in its infancy, we hope that it will be a smoother process for future members.

What the future holds

We are excited to see what the future holds for R-Ladies with these new members of the Global Team. Having new people, with fresh ideas and perspectives, will help us to continue to grow and improve as an organization. We are looking forward to working with these new members, and we hope that you will join us in welcoming them to the Global Team!

You can see an overview of the entire global team at About -> Meet the Global Team.

Author: Leadership Team

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