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The R-Ladies Global Team is recruiting new members! Please fill this form to submit yourself for consideration.


The R-Ladies Global Team is made of volunteers that dedicate a few hours per week to the management of the global organization. We think of ourselves as one larger Global Team comprised of many smaller teams that address specific organizational needs. We want to build a diverse Global Team with good representation of all community members.

Timeline (approximate)

  • 2023-04-12 - 2023-04-26: Google form is open to submissions (2 weeks).

  • 2023-04-27 - 2023-05-11: Global team reviews submissions (2 weeks).

  • 2023-05-12 - 2023-05-19: Target date to notify individuals of selection (1 week).

  • 2023-05-22 - 2023-05-26: Invitation to meet with 1-3 global team members to clarify any questions or expectations to ensure a good match for all parties (2 weeks).

Selection considerations

We will consider various aspects with the aim of increasing the diversity of the team. A new team member may contribute to the diversity of the Global Team via:

  • Geographical location;

  • Demographic characteristics like ethnicity, age, and gender identity;

  • Background and experience such as education, skills, and knowledge;

  • R-Ladies/R community involvement.


By participating in R-Ladies you are helping other women or gender minorities by creating a safe space to learn, teach, and develop, as well as build out a support network and contacts.

Some of the personal benefits that we think come with joining the global team and volunteering time are gaining experience in leadership, asynchronous remote work, international team work, not-for-profit open-source work, and work in a women(+) only team and organization.

Depending on the role, there also may be opportunities for technical upskilling. For example, some members of the Global team use R, reproducible reports, git/GitHub, GitHub Actions, Hugo website development, and database integrations. Knowledge of these tools is not a requirement for selection; the Global team will provide training on processes specific to your role.



As R-Ladies is a purely volunteer run organisation, we respect and encourage your need to have vacations, free-time and focus on other aspects of your life. The hours spent on R-Ladies work should happen when you are truly available to do them. We do ask those that are seeking consideration to commit to one year of service to the Global Team (of course, we would understand if life interrupts this commitment), and an estimate of the weekly time commitment is 1 to 4 hours a week. In addition, the needs of the specific roles may vary: some volunteers work on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis due to natural workload fluctuations.


Our primary communication channel is Slack, and the common language we communicate in is English. We hope for Global Team members to regularly check Slack; if the team member is not present on Slack, then we require them to be responsive via email.


Individual teams within the Global Team may operate relatively independently from the Global Team or may work more closely with the Global Team. Individual teams may establish their own work preferences or set their own small team meetings. In addition, many, but not all, members of the Global Team serve on multiple individual teams. Lastly, applying to a specific team does not mean your contributions or communications are limited to that team. Individual teams often solicit and receive feedback or assistance from other members of the Global Team.


Below is a list of all current global team operations. All teams are listed, however not all teams are currently recruiting. Please refer to this table when submitting your interest.

TeamBrief responsibilitiesSeeking # members
CommunicationsPost regularly on social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, etc.) and create a regular newsletter3
WebsiteMaintenance / further development of the website. Review json files added / updated.2
TranslationsTranslate content for the website, social media, or newsletters.2
Blog administrationRecruit, review and support guest bloggers. Guests are welcome to cross-post to their own blogs.2
Chapter MentoringHelp organizers create or reactivate a chapter. Match mentees to their mentors and follow-up mentorships.2
IWD CampaignA new team for the International Women’s Day Campaign. Create, disseminate, and engage in communications.2
Chapter ActivityMonitor chapter activity for operational, reporting, and financial needs.2
YouTubeRespond to requests to add a video or managers to the global YouTube channel.1
CoC enforcementReceive, review a solve Code of Conduct (CoC) reports. Periodically revise CoC and process. Support organizers and moderators.1
Chapter OnboardingShare information on how to create a new chapter, invite prospective organizers to the R-Ladies Community Slack, and add chapter to internal records.1
Directory ManagementReview and approve new R-Ladies Global directory entries to be posted on the website.1
Meetup ProCreate new chapters on Meetup.1
Zoom + CalendlyMonitor the Zoom + Calendly integration for booking zoom for meetups. Help and support organizers book and set up their zoom.1
E-mail ManagementManage existing accounts and create new email accounts. Provide support to organizers on the use of email. Help keep the organizers’ guide on this topic up to date.1
RUGS Grant AdministrationSupport R-Ladies groups in applying for and tracking applications to the R Users Groups Support (RUGS) grant program.0
Abstract Review SystemReview and provide feedback on various types of R-related abstracts and applications prior to submission.0
RoCur Twitter AccountNominate, on-board, and support curators.0
RConsortium ISC boardAttend and Participate monthly meeting, report R-Ladies activities, create and sent R-Ladies annual budget. Help with communications and selections of the grants, etc.0
Conferences LiaisonIdentify members of the R-Ladies community for organizers committee, keynote speakers, program and scientific committee.0
Meta-meetup LiaisonIdentify a topic that can be of interest of several chapters and organize the event together.0
Community Slack ManagementMonitor Slack for any content that is inappropriate and needs to be removed, ensure that no bots or individuals spamming the channel have access.0
LeadershipFinances, operational & infrastructure management, strategic planning, reporting & documentation. Representing R-Ladies on the RConsortium ISC board.0

Submitting interest

Please submit this Google form to indicate your interest in joining the Global Team. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you for considering! 💜

Author: Global Leadership Team

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