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Roxane Legaie, , MS

Lead Clinical Bioinformatician – Pathology Department Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
City Melbourne Australia Website: Women in STEMM Australia Website: GitHub
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  • Interests: Bioinformatics, Sequencing, Cancer genetics, Women in STEMM
  • Contact method: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • As the Lead Clinical Bioinformatician in the Pathology Department of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, I work on improving bioinformatic processes for clinical use of Next Generation Sequencing. Prior to that, I was working at Monash Health where I established bioinformatic pipelines for clinical exomes and other NGS data such as RNAseq and ChIPseq. My passion for bringing personalized medicine into Human health care drives my commitment to ensure best practices are used through pipeline validation for NGS-based diagnostic tests.My passion for capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, has helped me gain confidence both personally and professionally; and I now aim at helping other women find their own. I have become an advocate for gender equality and a strong supporter of women in science, who I believe deserve to be recognized for all the hard work and talent they have brought, and continue to bring, to the exciting field that is science.
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