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Kate Ross-Smith

Data Scientist Mango Solutions
City Bristol United Kingdom
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  • Interests: Learning Organisation, systems thinking, enterprise services, enterprise social, qualitative research, quantitative research, internal tools, information science
  • Contact method: Twitter
  • Kate is an engineer who confesses to three major loves in her working life: puzzles, technology and being sneaky. Working with data is always about working out how to get the most elegant solution possible to tricky business issues from the technology available; a challenge that Kate steps up to every time! As a data scientist at Mango Solutions, she delivers analytics consultancy and training to a whole host of super imaginative customers who have an amazing thirst for learning. Specialising in helping customers define and secure their data architecture, Kate has the privilege of working with both Mango’s awesomely clever mathematical types who want R and Python to slowly take over the world, and our thoroughly brilliant data engineers who serve up complex technology as quickly as you can say “cloud computing”. As for what she means about “being sneaky”, you’ll just have to ask her.
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