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Grace Smith-Vidaurre

Graduate assistant, PhD candidate – Biology New Mexico State University
City Las Cruces MN United States Website: Personal website
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  • R-Groups: I’ve helped organize and deliver R-based workshops: a learning R workshop for NMSU graduate students (2 sessions), a learning R/bioacoustics in R workshop for my lab (1 session a week for 2 months), bioacoustics in R workshops in the U.S., Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina and soon Bolivia. These have ranged from 1 – 5 days long. I am currently participating in an NMSU discussion group on machine learning for biology in R, and am providing advice for the first R class that will be formally offered in the NMSU Biology department.
  • R-Packages: warbleR – second author
  • Interests: Broad interests in biology (bioacoustics, genomics, epigenetics, social behavior, vocal learning, rapid adaptation to human-induced environmental change); Bridging scientific research undertaken in countries traditionally overrepresented in science (e.g. the U.S.) and those traditionally underrepresented in science (e.g. many countries in Latin America, including Nicaragua, my second home country); Using R as a tool to increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in science
  • Contact method: Personal website
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