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Hands on: Docker containers. Rational and a tutorial walk through.

Babbel Max-Beer-Strasse 2, Berlin

Hello! and welcome to another hands-on session at Babbel. We are very happy that Amit Kothiyal and Evgeny Savin, two Data Scientists at Smava, will join us! They use Docker to deploy Machine Learning models in Smava's production environment. DockeR*****************************Amit and Evgeny will explain the importance of using containerization particularly when using machine learning models […]

Ciencia de datos en CDMX: R meets Python

Platzi México Av. Paseo de la Reforma 373, Ciudad de México

Registro necesario por eventbrite: Descripción del evento: Rladies CDMX y Pyladies CDMX se unen para presentar: “Ciencia de Datos en CDMX: R meets Python” Agenda para el día:6:30 Bienvenida6:30 -7:00 Networking7:00-8:00 Charlas (Karen Estefanía González, Mariana Carmona, Dulce Ambrocio, Diana Elisa García Cortés)8:00-8:30 Networking preparación para tutorial8:00-9:00 Tutorial: Usando R y Python desde reticulate Las […]

August Meetup: Dysfunctional Bot – Generating Humorous Texts using spaCy

Rain Sandton

Please join us as Dr Tetyana Loskutova takes us through some NLP in Python using spaCy. There is an R wrapper for spaCy ( so the knowledge gained can be used in either Python or R :). Want to prep? Ines Montani, one of the developers of spaCy has a free online course using spaCy […]