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R-Ladies+ Feat. useR! 2021

In this post, you will see that we have used the R-Ladies logo with the colors of the rainbow and the trans flags. We have also added a + to the R-Ladies name.

Curating for @WeAreRLadies on Twitter

This post was originally published on Shannon Pileggi’s personal blog. TL; DR In February 2021 I tweeted to a daunting >20k followers by curating for @WeAreLadies on Twitter. This was great opportunity to share knowledge, interact with others, and learn something in return, ultimately cultivating new connections and collaborations.

The R-Ladies Mentoring Program: R-Ladies Cotonou journey

We are very happy to provide you this blog article in different languages, English, French and Spanish. If you would like to know more about how to contribute to the R-Ladies Blog in general or would like to recommend anything, please reach out to us with an e-mail at christin@rladies.

R-Ladies Infrastructure for Online Meetups

Our chapters have cancelled in-person meetups due to the corona virus pandemic. However, we want our members to be able to stay connected and still share their latest R-related discoveries and journeys.

Recipe for a year-end video

To close the awesome R-Ladies 2019 year we made a video, if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: Did you like it? Do you want to know how we did it?

IWD 2019 Twitter Action

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD). Although this date has different ways of celebration, it has one point in common - the fight for gender equality.

vacation <- grow(RLadiesNetwork)

We would like to tell you how one vacation lead to growth of R Ladies community in South America. The story involves multiple countries and crossing paths at the right time in life.