Mentoring program

Never worry, there is always an R-Lady mentor to walk with you!

The main objective of the R-Ladies Mentoring Program is to help organisers conduct successful meetups and keep their chapters active.

Organizing an R-Ladies chapter involves a series of tasks that can feel overwhelming to a new organiser. However, a number of experienced R-Ladies organisers are willing to mentor new ones and provide some great advice.

For mentors, this is an opportunity to help build the community, learn about the realities of other chapters, gain experience as a mentor, and contributing to R-Ladies’ goals.

Experiences from the program

  • 2019

    R-Ladies Cotonou

    I asked the speaker on that day to share her experience from choosing her topic to presenting! She ecstatically shared that and we immediately got volunteers for the next meetup

    Mentee: Nadeja Sero